A National Conference- ‘Shunya Se Sashaktikaran’ On 24 November, 2020, the then Hon’ble Education Minister, Shri Ramesh ‘Pokhriyal’ launched ‘Innovation and Leadership Handbook-Covid Edition’, a compilation of the most effective zero-investment innovative ideas of teachers and education officers implemented during global pandemic.


Sri Aurobindo Society partners with the Department of Education, Puducherry to conduct two school-based child-centric initiatives viz. Our Responsibility to Children (ORC), and School Health Action Research Programme (SHARP), with the aim to create actionable awareness on holistic health of children.


India is progressing and so are her women. Aligned to a vision to transform India into a digital nation, to empower rural women to become community ambassadors of digital finance, National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) provided additional training to the Digital Sakhis of the SARVAM villages to enhance their knowledge and skills


This new initiative aims at bringing solace to COVID affected patients and their families through telephonic counselling in Puducherry.


Extraordinary situations demand extraordinary efforts. SAS joined hands with other like-minded organizations and the Government of Puducherry to help the people and health professionals during the COVID-19 crisis.

Desilting of Bahour Lake

As a part of Svarnim Puducherry’s Water initiative, the water retention capacity of the historical Bahour lake in Pondicherry was enhanced by 15,000 cubic meters by the desilting process. The initiative was inaugurated by Dr. Kiran Bedi, the former Hon’ble Lt. Governor of Puducherry.

Svarnim Puducherry

Golden Pondicherry

Svarnim Puducherry or Golden Pondicherry is an initiative to build Puducherry as a model state, carrying the spirit and consciousness of true India in its foundation. In concept, design, and implementation of each of its components, Svarnim Puducherry aims to express a pursuit for perfection, beauty, unity and creativity, and a realization of the highest of all human values.

Svarnim Puducherry is a collaborative effort involving individuals, organizations, state government, central government, NGOs, corporate and institutes who harbour similar vision about the state and about India. We invite participation in any form and in any field, from individuals as well as organizations and groups to make it a truly inclusive endeavour.

Swatchata Week

About 800 students participated in painting competition titled “Swachhata- For a better Self and a Better Tomorrow.” The competitions were organized in collaboration with Ministry of Tourism, GoI and Government of Puducherry.

World Wetlands Day Photography Contest

In a drive to raise awareness on Puducherry water bodies, students and teachers sent their photographs on wetlands and bio-diversity regions near Pondicherry. These were exhibited for the public.

Water, Water Every(no)where?

Svarnim Puducherry has initiated a Water Literacy Programme that involves every individual. The initial phase focussed on connecting the stakeholders with the cause, especially the children, through experiential awareness programmes and activities

Our Responsibility to Children

In partnership with the Department of Education, Puducherry Government,Our Responsibility of Children (ORC) programme for Positive Mental Health interventions is working in 40 schools
in the district.

Research Project Research Project For Disease Prevention

This project will help in prevention and risk reduction of communicable diseases in school students. Currently, children from 10 government schools from Puducherry have been identified for this research project.

Pos-Poss Talks

Pos-Poss Talk Series is a flagship programme from the stables of Mission Better Tomorrow (MBT), an initiative of Nanma Foundation, with the aim of creating a peaceful, progressive and productive society. This talk series was launched during the lock down days to instil Positivity (Pos) and to explore Possibilities (Poss). All the initiatives of Nanma Foundation is carried out in Pondicherry by the Society.

World Soil Day Celebrations

Caring for Planet starts from the ground and therefore the World Soil Day was celebrated through an online group competition and students were invited to participate and share their inspiring ideas. Nine best ideas of the children were selected and it was decided that these ideas will be implemented in their schools.

Covid-19 Relief


The the entire world is adjusting itself to the new – normal life. Uncertainty and trauma are still threatening to become stable pollutants of mental
peace. While the direct impact of the virus can be fatal, the effects of the lockdown have severely impaired the lives of the already vulnerable and marginalized. SAS had taken all possible measures to help people overcome this difficult situation and is still continuing to do so.

Street Play

Awareness for COVID-19

Kalajatha – A street play in the local language to raise awareness on vaccination for COVID-19.

Shri K. Lakshminarayanan Hon’ble Minister, Public Works Government of Puducherry, felicitated the team for their innovative street play for raising awareness on COVID-19 vaccination


Terminally Ill Patients

Sanjeevan team distributed food kits to the terminally ill patients whose family members were affected by COVID.

Protective Gear Distribution

Masks and protective gears were distributed to the inmates and officials in the prison to safeguard themselves from COVID.

Activity Kit Distribution

In collaboration with Satya Special School, toys were distributed to special children to help engage them in learning activities at home.


True Education is Integral development of the child—Physically, a strong, healthy, beautiful body; Emotionally, a sensitive, refined and energetic personality; Mentally, a wide, lively, clear intelligence and will; Spiritually, those deeper and subtler qualities that unify and harmonize the whole being through freedom and joy.

Launched in 2015, Rupantar has reached out to more than 22 lakh teachers in more than 30 states & union territories. The grass-root innovations of teachers from remote rural areas are now being replicated in over 750,000 government schools of India.

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Zero-Investment Innovation For Education Initiatives

ZIIEI, a platform “By the Teachers. For the Teachers.” It is one of the largest initiatives of India to drive innovation in education.

Comprehensive Mental Health Education

CMHE aspires to make inclusive education a reality and bringing about a true social change.

Project Inclusion

Project Inclusion ‘educates’ and empowers school teachers about ‘hidden’ disabilities in students, and trains them to identify such children in classrooms. Special educators help teachers, parents and siblings of these children to practice the techniques to support the child’s learning.

Auro Scholar

This is a micro-scholarship program, incentivizing millions of students to improve their learning.

Innovative Pathshaala

One of the world’s first experiential-learning curriculum based on teacher’s ideas

Leadership by Consciousness

Systematic and structured workshops conducted regularly for the officials of the Department of Education.

States & UT covered
Users for experiential learning
Teachers Trained to identify learning disabilities

Empowering Through Zero

Shunya Se Sashaktikaran
On 24 November 2020, former Hon’ble education minister of India, Shri Ramesh Pokhriyal “Nishank”, took part in a virtual conference and felicitated thousands of teachers and educational officers for their commendable work during the pandemic.

Leadership by Consciousness

The National Training Head of Zero Investment Innovation for Education Initiatives (ZIIEI), Shri Ashok Sharma conducted online sessions for education officers and teachers on motivating students during the pandemic and inspired them to become great contributors in uplifting the quality of education.

A parent speaks

“I can witness remarkable changes in my son’s behaviour. I am hopeful of a better future for him. I am also grateful to his teacher, Anjula. She is now a second mother of my son.”

SAFIER strives for an integral education which fosters in each child the attributes and values of a responsible, capable, active and giving member of the family, the society, the nation and humanity.

Fine Arts for Children

Children had an immersive experience, exploring the beauty and finesse of fine arts in the light of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother‘s vision of Integral Education in this 3-monthlong online workshop.

Rainbow Dreams

A 2-month interactive online session for children between 9 and 12 years that aimed to show them the path of progress despite difficulties.

Heartbeat of Creativity

A 3-day workshop was conducted which enabled the participants to discover and experience the rhythms of one’s own creativity.


An art workshop with children

SAFIER of Sri Aurobindo Society, Puducherry, India, in collaboration with School of Peace FVG, Italy, organized an online workshop for children aged 7-13 years. The objective of the workshop was to introduce the beauty and refinement of Fine Art based on Sri Aurobindo and the Mother’s vision of Integral Education. The children from Slovenia and Ukraine, explored the world of imagination, colour theory, understanding spaces, symmetry, patterns in nature, Origami, the art style of Pointillism, and Mandala art. The participants also experienced joy by exploring their emotions, thoughts, and body sensations through awareness activities.

The Power to Dream, the Will to Realize

SARVAM works for a progressive, empowered village community, which takes responsibility for bringing about a change in their lives, and thus becoming a dynamic part of the nation’s evolution and growth. The approach is integral and inclusive, touching every person and every aspect of village life.

Coordinators Honoured

“Women in Leadership” is an award endowed for selfless services to those in need. Two women coordinators of SARVAM were bestowed with this award on the International Women’s Day.

Empowering Teachers

The SARVAM teachers for the US Consulate sponsored English Access Program for SARVAM children, underwent a virtual upskilling to provide upgraded facilitation for the rural children.

Encouraging Digital Finance

To encourage digital finance in villages, SARVAM distributed digital kits to 50 aspiring Digital Sakhis – rural women volunteering to promote cashless transactions in their communities.

Motivational Programme
For the elderly

Around 500 elderly people participated in a motivational program that inspired them to step out of the state of depression and helplessness caused by the prolonged lockdown.


Palliative care is the care and treatment of the symptoms, discomfort, and stress of old age and life-threatening illnesses. In India, it is estimated that the total number of people who need palliative care is likely to be 5.4 million people a year, but unfortunately, there is neither enough support nor enough facilities.

Mr. Kumar (name changed),
was found with an infectious wound on his left leg and was abandoned near the park from where the Sanjeevan team found him. He was treated and now he leads a happy life.

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Creative activity

The anganwadi buildings were painted with bright hues by the palliative care patients and their families. New look for the building and smiles on the faces - a memorable sight.

Fellowship programme unites global pioneers

Palliative care globally takes a huge step forward as delegates from developing countries come together for the fellowship programme to empower themselves to build sustainable successful palliative care in their countries.

Better English

Sans pomp and splendour, the fourth batch of the English Access Microscholarship Program was launched on November 7, 2020 ignited by the enthusiasm and the aspiration of the students and the coordinators.


India - from past dawns to future noons

Indian Culture has made a unique and unparalleled contribution in every field of human activity—religion, philosophy, science & technology, architecture, music, dance, arts, trade, and commerce. Its basis has been Spirituality, along with a powerful rational, ethical, and aesthetic mind, combined with a prolific creativity.

Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Indian Culture (SAFIC) strives to rediscover these truths and their application in modern life and times. It tries to evoke among the youth a great love for India, a pride in their heritage, and an aspiration and will to create an even greater future.


Conscious Conception & Childbirth

Awareness session on conscious conception and child birth facilitated by Dr. N. Kalyani, Founder Dhyanbaby Prenatal Program.

Karmayoga in the World Today

A seminar that explored the intricate connect between work and karma and the complex aspects of work in the light of Karmayoga.


Renaissance is the monthly e-journal of AuroBharati, that features inspiring articles, essays, stories, videos, reflections and accounts of India and her creative genius manifesting in various domains – spiritual, artistic, literary, philosophic, scientific, aesthetic.

Children With Special Needs

Every Child Is Special

AROHAN is a collaborative initiative with Satya Special School (Puducherry) and college of education, university of Oregon (Eugene, USA), to build capacities of primary caregivers, special educators and parents on providing care, therapy and education through the early intervention programme.

For special Needs kids

Display of specialized
work created by special
kids of Satya School.

No Lockdown @ Satya

A child’s pain was reduced, a family ate well, a mother worried a bit less, and in some cases a child was saved and much more

Without Internet?

Tablet lending library – a novel idea to help special kids learn their lessons with the help of their caretakers even without Internet.


The domain of business is in a continuous quest for improvement in productivity and profits while seamlessly expanding the organization. There is a growing search for new paradigms. Managing the human element is still the most important and also the most challenging.

AuroLeadership works to define new paradigms of leadership based on values, beauty, compassion, harmony and a deep sense of universal interconnectivity. It strives to help executives and managers to realize that often an inner realignment helps overcome many challenges. A change in attitudes, values and consciousness can enable the right decisions and help find lasting solutions.

Guidebook for Mentoring

The pandemic has given unprecedented challenges to leadership across sectors,
across the world. AuroLeadership delved
deep into its research to find insights and solutions to arise out of the chaos into a
new enlightened direction.

Intuitive Decision Making

The insightful workshop designed by AuroLeadership helps thought leaders imbibe the practice of developing intuitive powers for successful and sustainable business decisions.

Managing Stress through Inner Poise

A workshop on stress management for women was organized on International Women’s Day, where yoga was practiced as a means of stress relief.

The Fourth Dimension Inc.

FDI is AuroLeadership’s e-journal – its channel of presenting its thoughts and ideals to the world. It publishes articles and write-ups based on research on various subjects related primarily to the corporate world.

Sustainable Development

For meaningful and long-lasting progress, science, technology and ecology have to be synthesized with Sustainability and Spiritual values, in the
service of humanity.


SHARANAM, designed and developed by Aurospace,is a unique structure hosting the Training Centre for Sustainable Transformation. It is an effort to establish harmony between the design, idea, the materials, the environment, the process, and the people, at all levels, in creating one of the greenest campuses of India. This is a training and educational campus with a residential complex and extensive facilities, incorporating ecological and energy-efficient principles.

Sustainable Agriculture

Matrikunj, ‘The Mother’s Grove’—is a 43-acre land on the outskirts of Puducherry,
where Sri Aurobindo Society carries out research in conscious, natural and organic farming.


AHAR (Application of Homeopathy in Agricultural Research) is an innovative empirical action research where poisonous chemicals are replaced by homeopathic medicines as fertilisers and pesticides. The experiments in collaboration with farmers in Bahour, the rice bowl of Pondicherry, indicate that homoepathy helps boost the growth and health of the plants, thereby increasing the yield and their quality.

Rural Entrepreneurship

A 15-day intensive workshop on organic farming for ex-soldiers, rural youth and women was organized which aimed to enable rural entrepreneurship.

Ecological Rehabilitation

Project “AuroVanam’ is a Child-Centric initiative striving to deliver an exciting experiential learning opportunity, by creating experiences and exploratory activities with various elements of Nature. It also facilitates a child to engage in his/her own personal ecology, by interrelating, interweaving, and interacting, and creating oneness with nature.


Despite quantum leaps made by modern medical science, the realization of perfect health and wellness is still out of humanity’s reach. Our focus needs to shift from a narrow illness-centered approach to something deeper and more holistic, where the body, the emotions, the thoughts, and the Self are all in harmony.  Sri Aurobindo International Institute for Integral Health and Research (SAIIIHR) is working with this approach to research applying new ways of enhancing health and healing and curing illness through a synthesis of modern and traditional methods.


SACH runs a homeopathy clinic, which apart from treatments, is also involved in research and understanding health to create awareness and realize integral health for all. Homeopathy medicines that improve immunity were distributed during the Corona Pandemic.

A one-day comprehensive oral health and awareness camp programme for the Society members and their immediate family members was organized in collaboration with Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth, Deemed to be University, Puducherry. 


NAMAH is a journal dedicated to an integral approach to psychology, health, and medicine. A human being is a complex whole constituted by the body, the emotional nature, the mind, and, behind all these, the core self — soul or spirit. With an Integral approach we take into account all these aspects and their

to COVID-19
Patients were treated last year

Power of Imagination

An online workshop by NAMAH, to help participants unravel the secret to discover and unleash their imaginative powers.

Heal Yourself

A workshop on self-healing that deliberates on self-nurturing with compassion, love and care.

Dreamwork & Creativity

Lopa Mukherjee helped participants in unleashing their creativity through an unique journey of the dreams, in this uplifting workshop.

All Life is Yoga

AuroYajna aims to synthesize the essence of all the yogic disciplines including Patanjali Yoga Sutra, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Gheranda Samhita as a means to attain the yoga of self-perfection towards a better and more purposeful way of life, in all its aspects.

Your Inner Sense

Anaahat – A 3-day workshop to connect to the inner dimensions of love through music, art, nature, yoga, rhythm and more.

Ashtanga Yoga

A workshop on Ashtanga Yoga that unravels the complex and fascinating symphony of body’s movements with
breathing counts

Antargaman Retreat

“This retreat at Sharanam was that perfect confluence where our “inner” and “outer” worlds converged. It was a process of unlocking to view the world with fresh
eyes and embrace all that it offers, yet again giving us the opportunity to transform ourselves.”


The world is waking up to the need for spirituality in our daily life as was practiced in ancient India. There is a visible movement globally to connect to the spiritual essence in every aspect of life.

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Media is playing an increasingly important role in all aspects of our lives. It has a great power, outreach, and impact in moulding public belief and attitudes. It can help and enhance when this power and medium is used positively by communities for self-improvement and social change.  Sri Aurobindo College of Arts and Communication (SACAC) is a creative centre for learning in media, arts, and communication, providing to the youth professional skills, a search for excellence, a higher aspiration, and deeper values.

The Exploration of Self

“As a budding copywriter, I’ve always been aware of how tough it is to get your creative vision out perfectly. During the workshop, I found myself finding new perspectives to shoot to portray that vision. From ideating to writing a script, shooting the film and then editing it, all of us got to see a tiny glimpse of life behind the camera, with Himanshu Sir,” says Tania a student of SACAC.

Creative Centre

Book-Making Workshop

The photography students learn to make handmade books! What better way to dive into the creative world of art than creating books?

Student’s Photography Exhibition

“... Putting up the exhibition of our hotographs was a boost where we could touch and feel what we visualised. ...Looking forward with eyes set on the future.” – Geetam Biswas.

Moving Image Workshop

In this week-long course students learned the different aspects of filmmaking, understood the seven key stages in getting a film from an idea to the big screen.

Student of the Year

Megha Acharya has won the
Toto Fund, the Arts Short
Film Award 2021 for her CDC
Diploma film Sudhamayee
(Laced with the Nectar of Life).

The future of the nation and the world depends on the youth. It is their privilege to prepare themselves and to work with dynamism and sincerity for a happier world for all.  AuroYouth is a launching platform to enable the youth to prepare for the new dawns of the future—an adventure into the realms of consciousness. it encourages youth to look deep within, realize their potential, explore topics of their interest, and to become agents of change in their communities and builders of a better tomorrow.

All India Youth Camp

The Annual All India Youth Camp, themed “INNER FLIGHTS”, was organised at Puducherry. A total of 29 participants, aged between 18 and 28 years, from 11 states of India joined with youthful verve and enthusiasm. It was a camp filled with engaging participation, inquisitive questions and a lot of new discoveries and perspectives about themselves and the
world around them.

Towards a New Dawn

Waking up each day to a deeper selfknowledge and a better human self is an aspiration shared by many. The 7-day National Online Workshop that was organized in collaboration with Arya Mahila Post Graduate College, Varanasi, catered to this deep human urge.

From Twilight to Light: The Sunlit Path

A series of talks titled “From Twilight to Light – The Sunlit Path” was organized during the pandemic to help the youth connect with their inner consciousness and discover the spiritual meaning of life

AuroYouth Exclusive Camp for Girls

The fifth edition of the AuroYouth Camp was held virtually during the national lockdown and was attended by 21 girls from the NGO Udayan Shalini.

Puthiya Nambikkai, New Hope

An initiative to transform prisons into centres of holistic rehabilitation of the inmates involving their families and the prison staff


It is a tale of true transformation. The inmates of Central Prison of Puducherry, are carving a
new path for themselves. As a new venture, the Home Décor Production Unit was inaugurated. The inmates will be trained on tailoring, textile designing, home decor and organic farming.

Medical Checkup & Counselling

Regular healthcare along with psychological counselling provided with patience and empathy has been pivotal in transforming and mainstreaming several inmates

English Classes

In the inspiring self-sustaining English training initiative, the senior inmates, trained earlier in basic conversations and writing in English, are now giving English lessons to the new inmates.

Livelihood Skills

In order to make prison life truly rehabilitative, one of the major areas of focus is on steering the inmates towards mainstream livelihood options. Apart from training on mat weaving, tailoring, organic farming, computer basics, inmates are also trained to grow vegetables using organic methods to provide them a sustainable livelihood option


World over, people search for sublime truths underlying existence, for ways of bringing joy, beauty and harmony in our lives. These rich and inspiring insights, learning, experiences and outlook on life have been expressed in various ways and forms, be it music, dance, literature, painting, sculpture, films and the arts.